opinion poll

29 Apr, 2022 14:03
98% Ukrainians have negative attitude to Putin, – poll results

The opinion poll conducted by the sociology group ‘Rating’ has assessed the attitude of Ukrainians towards international partnership. The results show that the attitude towards Ukr ...

25 Mar, 2022 18:14
At least 70% of Ukrainians call Ukrainian their native tongue as Russian language use is decreasing, – survey findings

The survey findings show the dramatic increase of Ukrainians – from 57% in 2012 to 76% in 2022 – who call the Ukrainian language their mother tongue. By contrast, the number of Rus ...

18 Feb, 2022 14:13
3 in 5 Ukrainians ‘confident’ country can drive off Russia’s invasion, – poll findings

Most Ukrainian citizens have no doubt about the fighting capacity of country’s army and are convinced the Armed Forces will be able to repel Russia's attack in the event of a full-scale invasion.

16 Feb, 2022 11:51
‘European Solidarity’ on top of party ratings, – latest poll

The ‘European solidarity’ party headed by Petro Poroshenko continues to take a lead in Ukrainian party ratings.

1 Feb, 2022 16:16
‘European Solidarity’ leads in party ratings

The rating of the ‘European Solidarity’ led by Petro Poroshenko has increased by more than 5% compared to October 2021.

24 Jan, 2022 19:56
No good as a commander-in-chief, -new poll findings rain on Zelensky parade

Majority of Ukrainians doubt Volodymyr Zelensky has attributes of a commader-in-chief to deal with possible Russia's agression.

24 Dec, 2021 10:18
Ukrainians oppose direct talks with Putin, – latest poll

Almost 85% Ukrainians do not believe direct Zelensky-Putin talks will help to have Crimea back.