1 Nov, 2022 14:06
European Solidarity party condemns allocating 2 billion UAH for United TV marathon

European Solidarity MPs condemn the draft State Budget for 2023, in particular, allocating 1.94 billion hryvnias for the United News TV marathon and the Russian-language FREEDOM TV ...

4 Jul, 2022 17:43
Ukraine’s government to consider petition regarding opposition TV channels

The electronic petition to return on air the Ukrainian TV channels ‘Espresso’, ‘Priamyi’ and ‘5 kanal’ has already received the necessary 25 thousand votes, after which it has to b ...

1 Feb, 2022 16:16
‘European Solidarity’ leads in party ratings

The rating of the ‘European Solidarity’ led by Petro Poroshenko has increased by more than 5% compared to October 2021.

31 Jan, 2022 18:42
‘Real life is not a TV series’, – Poroshenko сalls out Zelensky over clampdown on opposition

Ukraine's former president Petro Poroshenko calls on Zelensky to put aside differences in the face of Russia'as aggression.

20 Dec, 2021 17:23
‘European Solidarity’ party responds to official charges targeting Poroshenko

The ‘European Solidarity’ party has issued a statement regarding charges against its leader, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

26 Oct, 2021 17:28
Ukraine’s Ambassador cancels opposition’s meetings in US, – MP Siumar

Opposition MPs called out Foreign Ministry and Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US over attempts to disrupt lawmakers’ overseas visit.

26 Jul, 2021 15:01
‘Servant of the People’ MPs blocking laws proposed by opposition,  report by watchdog group

This year the Verkhovna Rada had adopted 65 laws, and most of them came from MPs of the ruling ‘Servant of the People’ party, says the report by Ukraine’s Committee of voters’.