28 Apr, 2021 13:39
Poroshenko offers five steps to reach peace in Donbas, sets ‘red lines’ for Zelensky

In his Tuesday address, Petro Poroshenko, the former Ukrainian president and “European Solidarity’ party” leader, proposes a 5-steps’ plan set to reach peace in Donbas and warns Zelensky’s officials against crossing ‘red lines’ in talks with Russia.

27 Apr, 2021 11:10
Petro Poroshenko urges the West to grant Ukraine NATO’s membership and help bring UN peacekeepers to Donbas

Poroshenko urges the West to help Ukraine join NATO and bring U.N.-mandated peacekeeping operation to Donbas, “Washington Times” interview.

21 Apr, 2021 15:41
UN peacekeepers plan for Donbas, Poroshenko exposes inaccurate claims of Zelensky’s government official

In his Wednesday TV interview, ‘European Solidarity’ leader Petro Poroshenko reminds about his 'ready' 2015 UN peacekeepers plan for Donbas to dismiss the recent misleading claims of Zelensky's goverment official on this matter.