10 Aug, 2022 14:16
The story of a pregnant Ukrainian military medic who helped Mariupol defenders and now is in Russian jail

The family and friends of Maryana Mamonova, a Ukrainian military paramedic captured by Russian troops, voice their fears over the fate of the young woman who can now be in the late stages of pregnancy.

29 Jul, 2022 12:12
‘Horror and ‘sickening evil’: condemnation pours in for video showing Russian troops castrating Ukrainian POW

Wide condemnation continues to pour in for the sick video appearing to show the Ukrainian prisoner of war being castrated by Russian troops with a box-cutting knife. The footage dr ...

7 Jul, 2022 12:41
Azovstal, Russian captivity and returning home: story of Azov soldier

Azov regiment soldier ‘Tork’ returned to Ukraine during the POWs swap on June 29. The defender of Mariupol told about Azovstal, the conditions of his stay in Russian captivity and ...

10 Jun, 2022 00:53
Ukraine investigating death sentence to foreign fighters, – Prosecutor General

Recently, the ‘court’ of the so-called DNR sentenced to death three foreign soldiers who were fighting within the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russian invasion. Ukraine’s Prosec ...

9 Jun, 2022 22:16
‘They applied for Ukrainian citizenship’ – ‘Bukvy’ interview with Aiden Aslin’s brother-in-arms

Aiden Aslin is a British national who fought against Russian invasion within the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In April 2022, he was taken prisoner-of-war in the besieged Mariupol, and ...

25 Apr, 2022 10:09
Russian occupiers demand ransom for a captive Ukrainian

As reported by a Mariupol councilor on Telegram, Russian invaders demand ransom for Oleksii Novikov, a captive Ukrainian. Oleksii Novikov, a student of Mariupol university, joined ...