Rada TV channel

12 Jan, 2023 14:41
Rada TV channel allocates 120 million to company associated with Kyrylo Tymoshenko, – media report

The parliamentary TV channel Rada concluded a 120 million hryvnias agreement for the production of programs for the TV marathon ‘Yedyni Novyny’ with the company ‘Kinokit’, which is ...

21 Jan, 2022 12:05
State-owned ‘Rada’ TV channel called out over its commissioning policies

The state-run TV channel ‘Rada’ came under scrutiny over its commissioning rules after it reportedly paid 630 thousand hryvnas for a new TV show.

12 Jan, 2022 00:51
State ‘Rada’ TV mistakenly reports death of parliamentary speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk

Rada TV editors confused Ukraine's parliament speaker with European parliament's president who died earlier this day.

17 Dec, 2021 19:03
Political consultant Petrov repeatedly offends Angela Merkel on ‘Rada’ and ‘Islandiya’ TV channels

On December 15, Volodymyr Petrov offended the former German chancellor Angela Merkel on the air of the ‘Rada’ TV channel.

17 Dec, 2021 15:21
Rough start of ‘Rada’ TV channel. Scandalous political pundit Volodymyr Petrov to be pulled off the air

Makeover of 'Rada' TV channel leads to wrangling in the parliament over its funding and editorial policies.

16 Dec, 2021 12:50
Makeover costs and legal issues –What is wrong with rebooted Rada TV channel

Makeover of parliamentary TV channel can eat up a sizeable chunk of funding for Ukrainian parliament and lawmakers are not excited about it. Another headache is its unclear legal status that requires a completely new law.

15 Dec, 2021 21:40
Political consultant who threatened to ‘have Bukvy project closed’ get an executive job at state TV ‘Rada’

According to media reports,  Volodymyr Petrov known for his ties to Zelensky officials and his past record of controversies that include criminal charges of obtrusion to police and violations of privacy  will lead a makeover of Ukrainian ‘parliamentary TV channel.