5 Aug, 2021 20:29
Fabricated case: ‘National Corps’ provides details on raids against ATO veterans in Kharkiv

Amid reporrs of raids by the SBU targeting ATO veterans, the ‘National Corps’ leader slams accusations against the nationalist group members as ‘fabricated’ and 'baseless'.

5 Aug, 2021 09:58
Former Ukraine’s PM Yevhen Marchuk passed away

Yevhen Marchuk, a Ukrainian politician, army general, the first head of the Security Service of Ukraine and a former prime minister died at the age of 80.

3 Aug, 2021 21:40
NABU arrested Chaus in ‘Feofania’ hospital

National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) detectives detained ex-judge Chaus at ‘Feofania’ hospital. On August 4, the court will consider the issue of taking him into custody.

3 Aug, 2021 20:32
SBU warned Shyshov of danger, – activist’s friend

Belarusian activist Vitaliy Shyshov was shadowed and filmed with a hidden camera, as his friend states. In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) allegedly warned Shyshov of possible abduction and even assassination.

1 Aug, 2021 13:33
Chaus’s lawyers have no access to him for three days

The lawyers of ex-judge Mykola Chaus have not been able to communicate with their client for three days so far.

31 Jul, 2021 09:03
Clashes over Mykola Chaus. So what is going on?

Friday's flurry of events that saw an ungly stand-off between Ukraine's law-enforcement agencies over lost-and-found Mykola Chaus makes people ask a simple question 'What is going on here?'.

5 Jul, 2021 22:12
Security Service of Ukraine and Office of the Prosecutor General will not investigate Zelensky’s statement about Wagner Group

The Office of the Prosecutor General and the Security Service of Ukraine have not launched the investigation about the statements of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the discussion of a special operation against the Wagner Group with the unrecognized President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.