4 Nov, 2021 12:19
‘You are a traitor!’, MP shows middle finger to Ukrainian president (video)

Now independent MP Geo Leros can face a ton of decorum-related questions, let alone some disciplinary action, after showing a rude hand gesture to the Ukrainian president in the parliament Thursday.

20 Oct, 2021 18:40
‘It is all hype’, Ukrainian president responds to allegations his aides put pressure on public broadcaster

The Ukrainian president claimed ignorance on the claims of UA Pershyi journalists face pressure from his official over selection of guests and speakers for TV shows.

4 Oct, 2021 21:07
Ukrainian designer calls out Elle Russia over scandalous ‘Friendship of Peoples’ photos

Elle Russia provokes a controversy after it features brand clothes of Ukrainian designers for its October issue story called ‘Friendship of Peoples’.

4 Oct, 2021 11:25
‘No surprise’, Ukraine’ chief prosecutor responds to story on Zelensky company’s offshore money transfers

Ukraine’s chief prosecutor Iryna Venediktova puts in question ‘credibility’ of Slidstvo.Info report on Ihor Kolomoysky’s secret payments to Zelensky-owned Kvartal 95

24 Sep, 2021 17:58
Bellingcat investigator names the ‘biggest mistake’ of Ukrainian officials in Wagner mercinaries scandal

Christo Grozev said Ukraine had a chance to make the most of the 'almost botched' sting operation and expose Russian intelligence failings.

9 Sep, 2021 16:53
‘Servant of the People’ MP explains his threatening text message

Maksym Buzhansky backtracks on his threatening text message targeting 'European Solidarity' Iryna Gerashchenko, claims his words were taken out of context.

6 Sep, 2021 22:29
US navigation equipment company faces scandal over Crimean map inaccuracy

The US-based Garmin company publishes new topographic maps labeling  the annexed Crimea as part of Russia.