Serhiy Shefir

25 Nov, 2021 11:16
Officials are fabricating allegations against party activist in Shefir assissination plot, – European Solidarity statement

Ivano-Frankivsk office of ‘European Solidarity’ saiy state investigaters are trying to accuse party member Serhii Voloshyn of the attempted murder of Zelensky's top official Serhii Shefir.

15 Oct, 2021 11:42
Zelensky and his advisor linked to siphoning off assets from Serhiy Kurchenko bank, media reports

‘Skhemy’ watchdog comes forth with another scathing investigation on dubious business schemes of Zelensky and his close circle.

22 Sep, 2021 15:54
‘It will not affect strength of my team’, Ukrainian president responds to attack on his chief adviser

The Ukrainian president vows to give a 'strong response' to the attack on his chief adviser and 'close friend' Serhiy Shefir.

22 Sep, 2021 12:31
‘It was attempted murder’, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor on Serhiy Shefir shooting incident

Police qualified the incident as an attempted murder and sent it special task units to track down the attackers, said Ukraine's chief prosecutor.

22 Sep, 2021 11:56
Zelensky official promises ‘strong response’ to attempted murder of Serhiy Shefir

Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky's senior adviser, says the state will hold to account all those involved in attempted murder of Serhiy Shefir, 'no matter who they are' alleging 'oligarchs' groups' can be behind the shooting.

22 Sep, 2021 11:24
Ukrainian presidential adviser’s car peppered with bullets near Kyiv, police report

Kyiv police reported the car of Zelensky’s chief adviser Serhiy Shefir was shot at Wednesday morning. The shooting targeting  chief adviser took place in village Lisnyky near Kyiv. ...