Servant of the People

28 Apr, 2022 11:32
‘Servant of the People’ party accuses its MP of high treason

The ‘Servant of the People’ political party has come up with a statement regarding one of its members, MP Oleksii Kovalev. The MP is currently staying in the occupied territories o ...

21 Feb, 2022 13:12
European Solidarity strengthens lead in polls

The oppostion party is exending its lead in opinion polls, and now is clear 7 points ahead of Servant of the People.

16 Feb, 2022 11:51
‘European Solidarity’ on top of party ratings, – latest poll

The ‘European solidarity’ party headed by Petro Poroshenko continues to take a lead in Ukrainian party ratings.

7 Feb, 2022 11:55
Servant of the People MP car crash: investigators seeking witness report from police office over held-back body cam footage

Investigators said 4 out of 5 car accident reconstruction reports failed to indentify the person who caused the car collision.

1 Feb, 2022 16:16
‘European Solidarity’ leads in party ratings

The rating of the ‘European Solidarity’ led by Petro Poroshenko has increased by more than 5% compared to October 2021.

28 Jan, 2022 17:35
US ‘seeding panic’ over scenario of Russia’s invasion, – Servant of the People MP Arakhamia

Servant of the People MP said he doesn't understand why US officials are over-dramatizing the situation about potenial Russia's invasion.

24 Jan, 2022 09:38
European solidarity takes lead in polls, Servant of the People stumbles

The main opposition party is on a solid 5-points lead for the first time since the defeat in 2019 parliamentary elections.