Soviet style

17 Aug, 2021 17:17
Protest over Soviet regime art at Maydan memorial site, police arrest 6 men

The new ‘Soviet-style’ art installation in Kyiv center ahead of Independence Day celebration became target of anger of Kyiv residents. Activists dismantled the ‘Soviet’ scenery, which led to the clashes with the police.

17 Aug, 2021 17:00
Soviet-style art sparks protest at Heavenly Hundred Alley in Kyiv centre

On Tuesday, the ‘Soviet-themed’ art installation in Kyiv center was targeted by protesters following backlash over the contorversial timing and location of the art project.

17 Aug, 2021 10:54
Soviet-themed art installation in Alley of Heavenly Hundred draws criticism on social media

Soviet-style decorations for a festive performance are being set up on Independence Square in Kyiv.