1 Dec, 2021 11:59
‘Direct talks with Russia’, health care incentives, and multiple citizeship. Key takeaways from Zelensky speech in parliament

In a speech to the state legislators the Ukrainian president says Ukraine needs 'direct talks with Russia' and unveils new initiatives.

28 Jul, 2021 17:54
‘Decentralization reform’ will need a ‘detailed audit’, says Zelensky

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenksy adresses 'decentralization' reform in his speech for 'Ukraina 30. Decentralization' forum.

18 May, 2021 12:46
Today Russia and Soviet regime are alike, says Jemilev

In the speech that remembered mass deportation of Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian MP Mustafa Jemilev compared the Soviet regime crimes against the people of Crimea  to Russian annexation of the peninsula in 2014.