13 Apr, 2023 11:30
Man exposed in Odesa pinpointing Russian drone attacks, -SBU

Ukraine’s security service exposes a man in Odesa who acted as a Russian military informer helping to pinpoint the Russian drone attacks on the city. The man was found collecting a ...

25 Jul, 2022 13:27
Ukraine’s intelligence agency exposes a Russian spy in Kyiv

Ukraine’s intelligence service, the SBU, said on Monday it has detained a 41-year-old Kyiv resident who was  snooping to collect  information on the military and territorial defens ...

8 Jun, 2022 13:35
Russian spy in Kyiv sentenced to 8 years in prison

The Security Service of Ukraine reports that a Ukrainian citizen for spied for Russia has been sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The spy, who spotted the energy and water suppl ...