Supreme Anti-Corruption court

22 Dec, 2021 14:18
Anti-corruption court issues warrant of arrest for fugitive ‘PrivatBank’ ex-head

Ukraine’s Supreme Anti-Corruption Court arrested in absentia the former chair of the ‘PrivatBank’ board and chose detention as a measure of restraint.

28 Oct, 2021 11:16
Privatbank embezzelment case: anti-corruption court allows to widen pre-trial investigation into former ‘

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court grants the motion to open a special pre-trial investigation into the case of ‘PrivatBank’ former chairman Oleksandr Dubilet.

13 Oct, 2021 22:10
Anti-corruption court tosses another ‘Rotterdam+’ inquiry

Another attempt to revisit the ‘Rotterdam+’ case faces setback after the judge rejects the appeal.