27 Jul, 2022 14:24
84% of Ukrainians oppose land concessions, – new survey findings

The overwhelming number of Ukrainians (84%) scoffed at the idea Ukraine must agree to territorial concessions, according to the survey conducted by KIIS pollster in early July. By ...

1 Jun, 2022 16:39
6 in 10 Ukrainians support introduction of gun ownership law – Ukraine’s digital transformation inister

A recent online poll found 59% of Ukrainians want people to be granted a right to have a gun and carry it in public places once a new law outlines the criteria for its possession, ...

4 May, 2022 13:08
92% people in Ukraine identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians – new survey figures

According to the survey by Rating group,  92 % of Ukrainians self-identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians compared to the splinter of 5% who  call themselves Russian by ethnicity. ...

8 Apr, 2022 13:37
80% of Ukrainians are proud of their country – survey finds

Patriotic feelings clearly run high in Ukraine, according to April suvey findings, as Ukrainian pride figure rises to 90%.

2 Nov, 2021 11:59
Ukraine’s economy is deteriorating due to government incompetence, new survey findings

A new survey by Razumkov Centre revealed 39,1% of Ukrainians blame incompetence of the government for economic woes of the country. A third of respondents (35,4%) said the economy ...

25 Aug, 2021 10:21
‘ Best-performing’ in foreign policies: new poll names leaders among Ukrainian politicians

The 5th Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko tops the list of Ukrainian politicians with the most successes in foreign policiies.

8 Jun, 2021 11:37
‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ keep support figures, new survey

At the beginning of June, the gap between the political parties ‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ is within the survey’s margin of error.