25 Aug, 2021 10:21
‘ Best-performing’ in foreign policies: new poll names leaders among Ukrainian politicians

The 5th Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko tops the list of Ukrainian politicians with the most successes in foreign policiies.

8 Jun, 2021 11:37
‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ keep support figures, new survey

At the beginning of June, the gap between the political parties ‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ is within the survey’s margin of error.

20 Apr, 2021 13:49
52% of Ukrainians oppose the idea of Zelensky’s re-election

A majority of Ukrainians are against Volodymyr Zelensky re-election, the new survey figures.

18 Apr, 2021 11:17
Petro Poroshenko tops the ‘ideal Ukrainian leader’ rating, survey by FAMA

The national polling saw the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko at the top of “The most ideal Ukrainian politician” rating list with the former president claiming 17% votes of surveyed Ukrainians.