the SBU

25 Aug, 2021 23:01
Assault on Petro Poroshenko: former SBU senior reveals new details

Lieutenant General Viktor Kononenko argues security service agencies had prior knowledge of possible incidents and the attackers got 'favorable treatement'.

12 Aug, 2021 13:56
Mykola Chaus suffers from ‘leg, sight, and hearing problems’, says his lawyer

Serious concerns over Mykola Chaus ‘health problems’ after kidnapping and illegal confinment, says his lawyer.

3 Aug, 2021 15:26
Discredit of intelligence and damage to Ukrainian-Moldovan relations, watchdog group statement

The watchdog group ‘Resistance to capitulation’ responded to Chaus case claiming it discredited Ukrainian secret services and damaged relations with Moldova.

2 Aug, 2021 20:14
President’s office denies Zelensky’s meeting with ex-judge Chaus

MP Geo Leros claimed Volodymyr Zelensky had a secret meeting with ex-judge Mykola Chaus before he was 'officially' found in Vinnytsia region after the abduction in Moldova.

2 Aug, 2021 18:18
Weapons, cannabis, felonies: SBU exposes criminal group controlled by MP Kyva

The Security Service of Ukraine has announced blocking of a group led by a Ukrainian MP. The group members were allegedly involved in several crimes. Illia Kyva, an ‘OPZZh’ MP, confirmed that the case involved ‘Patriots For Life’ organization he is heading.

31 Jul, 2021 16:40
Detained Mykola Chaus is denied access to his lawers

The fugitive Mykola Chaus who was detained by Ukraine's Security Service (the SBU) on Friday is denied access to his lawyers, claims his defender Oleksandr Vyshnevyi.

27 Jul, 2021 19:04
Ukraine’s president appoints new Commander-in-chief, removes Ruslan Khomchak

Ukraine’s president appoints Valeriy Zaluzny as a new Commander-in-chief replacing Ruslan Khomchak.