3 Sep, 2021 08:18
‘Gold’ and four ‘silver’: five more Paralympic medals in Ukraine’s tally

The tenth day of the Paralympics in Tokyo brought Ukraine five more awards: one gold and four silver medals.

2 Sep, 2021 13:08
Ukrainian Maksym Krypak became top multi-medalist of Tokyo Paralympics

Maksym Krypak, a 26-year-old athlete from Kharkiv, set a world record in the 100-meter backstroke and became the leader among the 2020 Paralympics multi-medalists having 6 awards.

2 Sep, 2021 09:49
Ukrainian athletes won two more ‘gold’ of Tokyo Paralympics

Ukrainians Vladyslav Zahrebelnyi and Maria Pomazan won gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

31 Aug, 2021 15:22
‘Gold’, ‘silver’ and three ‘bronze’: 5 more medals in Ukrainian Paralympic tally

Ukrainian athletes have won five more medals of Tokyo Paralympics: ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and three ‘bronze’.

30 Aug, 2021 07:27
Maryna Lytovchenko brings Ukraine Paralympic ‘gold’ in table tennis

Ukrainian athlete Maryna Lytovchenko has become the champion of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in table tennis.

29 Aug, 2021 09:21
Ukrainian Paralympic athletes won two more ‘gold’ of Tokyo Games

Ukrainian athletes have won the ninth and the tens gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Ukraine’s team already has 10 top awards in medal tally.

8 Aug, 2021 18:46
Tokyo Olympics. How Ukraine faired in medal count

With Olympic Games in Tokyo bringing the curtain down, the Ukrainian Olympic team head home with a haul of 19 medals that put the country in 16th place in the  medal tally.