18 May, 2022 17:22
First Russian troop goes on trial in Kyiv over killing of civilians

In the first trial for war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine,  21-year-old Russian  Vadym Shyshmarin pleaded guilty to killing 62-year-old Ukrainian  Oleksandr Shelipov ...

11 Feb, 2022 15:28
‘Not a victory’, – former Ukrainian president comment court decision on his appeal

Authorities are using 'delay's tactics as they have no evidence to back up charges, said Poroshenko after the court upheld the restrictions ordered by Kyiv Pecherskiy Court.

11 Feb, 2022 13:43
Petro Poroshenko trial: former president supporters rally outside Kyiv court

The rally was marred by police overacting when protesters tried to put up a stage in front of the court building.

11 Feb, 2022 13:25
‘It’s not the right time for infightings’, – Poroshenko addresses his supporters before Kyiv court hearings

Poroshenko trial saw a massive turnout with some 10 thousand people gathering at Kyiv Appellate court to show support the opposition leader ahead of court hearings.

28 Jan, 2022 11:29
Petro Poroshenko trial: hearing shifted to February 11

Poroshenko's defence team called into question the reason behind the delay calling it a 'publicity' move.

14 May, 2021 17:30
Odesa appeals court upholds house arrest for Serhiy Sternenko

Public activist Serhiy Sternenko was rejected his appeal on the earlier court decision that put him and Ruslan Demchuk under house arrest on the charges of abduction and robbery of Serhiy Sherbych.  

5 May, 2021 21:24
Prosecutors slow down Pavlo Sheremet investigation to avoid responsibility for fabrications, Andriy Antonenko interview

Andriy Antonenko, who was allegedly involved in slaying of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, reveals details of his trial in the interview to ‘Pryamyi’ TV channel.