Ukrainian army

3 Aug, 2022 13:03
‘Army of drones’ project plans to buy 200 UAVs by end of August

Ukraine’s digital minister Mykhailo Fedorov said on Telegram that within the ‘Army of drones’ project, 200 reconnaissance UAVs will be bought and sent to the Ukrainian army by the ...

15 Jun, 2022 12:50
Kind-hearted 10-year-old donates piggybank money to buy Ukrainian military solar-powered generator

A 10-year old Ukrainian boy  is getting tons of cheers after he emptied his piggybank to help Ukrainian anti-aircraft troops get a solar powered generator. Ostap from Shepetivka, K ...

28 May, 2022 13:34
Petro Poroshenko hands to Ukrainian army pickup trucks

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has announced that he will deliver to the Ukrainian armed forces 24 Mitsubishi L200 pickup trucks. 12 trucks have already arrived t ...

4 Apr, 2022 10:11
Story of 11-year-old boy who fled from Russian shelling goes viral after he asked for a job to collect money for Ukrainian army

Chernivtsi police offered to donate their salaries to a little refugee working to collect money for the Ukrainian military.

11 Mar, 2022 12:49
Ukrainian army liberated five villages in Chernihiv region

Ukraine’s operational command ‘North’ reports that Ukrainian units liberated five villages in Chernihiv region and captured two Russian armored vehicles. The statement also stresse ...

7 Mar, 2022 11:37
30 Russian helicopters and 3 military convoys destroyed in just one night

Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed 30 Russian helicopters and military equipment at Chernobayvka airport, Kherson region, said the press service in a statement on Monday. The Ukraini ...

18 Feb, 2022 14:13
3 in 5 Ukrainians ‘confident’ country can drive off Russia’s invasion, – poll findings

Most Ukrainian citizens have no doubt about the fighting capacity of country’s army and are convinced the Armed Forces will be able to repel Russia's attack in the event of a full-scale invasion.