Ukrainian goverment

4 Nov, 2021 14:34
Government shakeup: Verkhovna Rada OKs new cabinet members

The vote proved swift and comfortable for new nominations given the majority 'Servant of the People' enjoys in the Verkhovna Rada.

6 Oct, 2021 17:11
More environmental crimes to be listed in Ukraine’s Criminal Code

Criminal Code will have new heavy fines and jail time for  illegal logging and waste disposal 

6 Oct, 2021 17:11
Ukrainian government rewrites budget spending to cover growing pension payouts

The Ukrainian goverment has reviewed this year's budget adding extra 18,5 billion hryvnas to its spending sheet to cover state pension payouts.

22 Sep, 2021 14:38
Businesses have 2 options if they want to avoid yellow zone restrictions, PM Shmygal

The Ukrainian prime minister Denys Shmygal says starting Thursday businesses will operate if 80% of their stuff and clients are vaccinated.

21 Sep, 2021 12:39
Finance minister unveils Ukraine’s 2022 budget. Key takeaways

Ukraine's finance minister Serhiy Marchenko offers a first glance at the next year' budget that prioritizes cutbacks in goverment borrowing and brings in heftier spending on defense programs.

19 Jun, 2021 22:44
‘Ukrzaliznytsia’ extends Leshchenko’s contract: his monthly income is 332 thousand hryvnias

Journalist and former MP Serhiy Leschchenko keeps his advisory job after Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers extended the term of office of the JSC ‘Ukrainian Railways’ Supervisory Board members.

3 Jun, 2021 08:03
‘Ukrainian Elon Mask’ – what we know so far about Maxym Polyakov

Ukrianian goverment has got a new pet project. Planning to 'outpace' the States in space, they are striking a dubious partneship.