20 Apr, 2021 19:13
TCG agrees to Ukraine’s preliminary draft on ‘mode of silence’ reinforcement

Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) agrees to develop Ukraine’ draft amending the measures to strengthen ‘mode of silence’ in Donbas.

20 Apr, 2021 13:49
52% of Ukrainians oppose the idea of Zelensky’s re-election

A majority of Ukrainians are against Volodymyr Zelensky re-election, the new survey figures.

18 Apr, 2021 11:17
Petro Poroshenko tops the ‘ideal Ukrainian leader’ rating, survey by FAMA

The national polling saw the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko at the top of “The most ideal Ukrainian politician” rating list with the former president claiming 17% votes of surveyed Ukrainians.

17 Apr, 2021 17:49
Tit-for-tat move. Ukraine expels Russian diplomat

In response to the expulsion of Ukraine’s diplomat Oleh Sosonyuk, Kyiv orders a Russian "senior" diplomat in Kyiv to leave the country. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned Russia’s detention and expulsion of the Ukrainian diplomat.

13 Apr, 2021 20:40
Verkhovna Rada adapts relief laws on foreign-currency credits

The MPs approved three new regulations set to help Ukrainians with debt restructuring on foreign-currency credits.

9 Apr, 2021 15:32
Prominent Moldova’s politician: Zelensky and Ukraine’s intelligence ‘involved in Mykola Chaus kidnapping’

In the video posted on his Facebook page, Renato Usatyi, leader of Moldova’s “Nasha Partiya”, accused Ukrainian authorities for judge Mykola Chaus disappearance from Moldova.

5 Apr, 2021 10:11
Failing Minsk. Inside story of Trilateral Contact Group talks

Stalling talks, Russia’s foul play and search for a new dialogue platform