4 May, 2022 13:08
92% people in Ukraine identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians – new survey figures

According to the survey by Rating group,  92 % of Ukrainians self-identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians compared to the splinter of 5% who  call themselves Russian by ethnicity. ...

8 Jun, 2021 10:00
Most Ukrainians disapprove of Zelensky’s re-election, survey results

Approximately 55% of Ukrainians disapprove the current Ukraine’s President election for the second term.

21 Apr, 2021 22:16
Zelensky signs laws to help Ukrainians pay off debts on personal foreign-currency credits

The new regulations are set to grant Ukrainians debt restructuring and relief schemes on their foreign-currency credits.

20 Apr, 2021 12:48
57% Ukrainians call president Zelensky policies ‘unprofessional’ and ‘amateurish’, the new poll figures

The new survey by SOCIS Center calls in question Zelensky competencies and performance, shows 57% disapproval.

16 Apr, 2021 15:29
Zelensky on the future of occupied Crimea and Donbas: ‘It will be worse than Chornobyl’

Occupied Crimea and Donbas "will not be happy without Ukraine", says the Volodymyr Zelensky president.

6 Apr, 2021 18:12
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry’ reaction to naked photoshoot in Dubai: ‘Models to be fined and deported’

Ukrainian nationals were among those detained by Dubai police for “an indecent video shared online”. Ukraine’s diplomats provided an update on the number of the Ukrainian national taken in custody.