27 Sep, 2022 12:12
Number of COVID cases grows in Ukraine

Last week showed the trend of the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ukraine. According to the health ministry, 161 people died of COVID within the period September 19-25. The gov ...

7 Feb, 2022 20:47
Covid vaccination nudges: Ukraine’s goverment to allow spend payments on utility bills

Dealing with stalling rates of vaccination Ukraine’s officials look to new monetary rewards to nudge Ukrainians to roll up their sleeve for a Covid vaccine shot.

23 Dec, 2021 00:07
Ukraine introduces booster shot for medical personnel

Ukraine is introducing a revaccination dose against COVID-19 for medical employees and staff of nursing homes.

13 Dec, 2021 16:10
 Ukraine’s health minister green-lights a third Covid shot, but there is a catch

‘We talk here about an ‘additional’ shot, not a booster one’, stressed Viktor Lyashko.

4 Nov, 2021 17:49
Ukraine’s health ministry mulling wider vaccination mandates for public sector

In a briefing Thursday, state sanitary chief Ihor Kuzin admitted health officials can shortly introduce a vaccination requirement for several groups of people. Among those, are wor ...

22 Oct, 2021 08:27
Covid pandemic: Ukraine sets new grim record for deaths and cases

With over 23 thousand new cases, it is the second successive day Ukraine has set unwelcome records.

20 Oct, 2021 18:00
Ukrainian PM offers solution to avoid full lockdown

The Ukrainian goverment seeks to bring weekly vaccine uptake to 1.5 million doses to curb the resurging pandemic.