Vasyl Burba

10 Feb, 2022 15:52
Wagnergate scandal: state media regulator to look into claims ‘Prymyi’ TV channel disclosed confidential  information

State regulator said showing intellingence 'classified' documents about Wagnergate can be foul game and launched a swift investigation into Prymyi TV channel.

28 Nov, 2021 01:32
’Stop smearing Ukrainian intel, it is our army elite’, – Poroshenko speaks out on Zelensky latest allegations and Russian military build-up

Zelensky's controversal statements at his press conference and growing escalation near Ukraine's border take center stage in Petro Poroshenko''s interview for 'Prymyi' TV channel.

26 Nov, 2021 13:00
Ex-intelligence chief Burba wanted to involve Ukraine in scandal with Turkey, – Zelensky

President Zelenskyi believes that Vasyl Burba, the former intelligence agency head, wanted to involve Ukraine in a scandal with Turkey through a special operation with Wagner mercenaries.

19 Nov, 2021 23:07
Wagnergate: former intelligence chief reveals new details on botched Russian mercenaries capture

Vasyl Burba doubled down on his claims the intelligence sting suffered a ‘fiasco’ due to ‘leaks’ from a ‘mole working for Russia’.

19 Nov, 2021 02:07
Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko rushes to defent Zelensky’s officials amid new Bellingcat findings

Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko tried to downplay the damaging revelations of Bellingcat report, which exposed the role of Zelensky's officials in the botched capture plan of Russian mercinaries.