Verkhova Rada

15 Oct, 2021 15:34
Zelensky drops Razumkov from state security council

With Stefanchuk stepping in as a new speaker, Zelensky removes Razumkov from National Security and Defense Council.

8 Oct, 2021 14:50
Verkhovna Rada approves changes to 2021 budget

'Servant of the People' coalition got the votes to increase spending on welfare and subsidies as the state funds have almost dried up in the last months of 2021

8 Oct, 2021 11:52
Verkhovna Rada elects new speaker

'Servant of the People' garnered enough support for deputy speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk in the vote for a role of the new parliamentary speaker.

7 Oct, 2021 11:41
Verkhovna Rada ousts speaker Razumkov

Removal of the parliamentary speaker comes after his fallout with Volodymyr Zelensky over the 'anti-oligarchs' law

23 Sep, 2021 14:16
Verkhovna Rada votes in favor of Zelensky’s law on oligarchs

The controversial 'anti-oligarchs' initiated by Volodymyr Zelensky is green-lit in the Verkhovna Rada thanks to votes from the coalition led by 'Servant of the People party.

10 Sep, 2021 18:45
‘ Wagnergate’ – What we learnt from report of special parliamentary commission

Special parliamentary commission investigating  a failed Wagner mercenaries capture has reported its first findings at a briefing  Friday. The results of parliamentary investigatio ...

9 Sep, 2021 13:46
Ruling party MP says he will ‘torture’ parliament colleague over criticism of Zelensky’s handling of ‘Wagnergate’

Text messages promising 'torture' and a brawl at a microphone stand - CNN report rekindles a debate in the Verkhovna Rada over Zelensky's handling of Wagner mercinaries scandal.