Verkhova Rada

27 Jul, 2022 18:05
Ukraine’s parliament bars utilities’ debt collections to ease financial pain for Ukrainians affected by war

On Wednesday, Ukraine’s parliament moved to bar debt collectors from chasing Ukrainians struggling to pay their utility bills. The update to the Law on Enforcement got the votes of ...

24 Jan, 2022 15:29
Poroshenko calls for closed meeting of Zelensky with lawmakers, blasts lax response to looming escalation on borders

Former Ukrainian president slams tepid response of Ukrainian officials to the situation on the border and calls for an urgent meeting of the current president Zelensky with lawmakers to address the national security issues.

2 Dec, 2021 13:49
Verkhovna Rada votes to pass state budget

Goverment officials boast record increase in capital spending for the next year.

13 Nov, 2021 10:00
Verkhovna Rada shuts door on unvaccinated MPs, parliamentary stuff and visitors

Ukraine's parliament bars the unvaccinated MPs, staff and visitors, demands proof of vaccination or recovery status.

5 Nov, 2021 12:26
‘Servant of the People’ senior MP taking heat over sexist remarks

'Servant of the People' senior MP David Arakhamia draws the ire over his controversial comments. He claimed having a female defense minister is off the table as it 'will not go down well with the public'.

4 Nov, 2021 14:34
Government shakeup: Verkhovna Rada OKs new cabinet members

The vote proved swift and comfortable for new nominations given the majority 'Servant of the People' enjoys in the Verkhovna Rada.

4 Nov, 2021 10:40
Ukrainian opposition MPs put up signs in parliament, call out Zelensky over scandals

Opposition MPs stunt was set to remind the Ukrainian president of his role in offshore deals exposed by Pandora Papers and botched Wagner mercinaries capture.