Wagner mercenaries

24 Sep, 2021 17:58
Bellingcat investigator names the ‘biggest mistake’ of Ukrainian officials in Wagner mercinaries scandal

Christo Grozev said Ukraine had a chance to make the most of the 'almost botched' sting operation and expose Russian intelligence failings.

16 Sep, 2021 10:28
Wagnergate: official stance ‘unconvincing’, says former chief prosecutor

Ukraine’s former chief prosecutor takes issue with the MPs commission handling of the case.

10 Sep, 2021 18:45
‘ Wagnergate’ – What we learnt from report of special parliamentary commission

Special parliamentary commission investigating  a failed Wagner mercenaries capture has reported its first findings at a briefing  Friday. The results of parliamentary investigatio ...

10 Sep, 2021 16:05
Parliamentary commission ducks to call Ukrainian president and his top aide to testify on Wagnergate

  Special parliamentary commission probing into failed Wagner mercenaries capture plot ruled they will not call Ukrainian president and his top aide to testify despite their a ...

9 Sep, 2021 13:46
Ruling party MP says he will ‘torture’ parliament colleague over criticism of Zelensky’s handling of ‘Wagnergate’

Text messages promising 'torture' and a brawl at a microphone stand - CNN report rekindles a debate in the Verkhovna Rada over Zelensky's handling of Wagner mercinaries scandal.

9 Sep, 2021 13:34
‘We learned no new information’ , Zelensky’s spokesman responds to CNN report on Wagner mercinaries scandal

In his comments for 'Bukvy',  Zelensky’s spokesman explains why they don't plan to respond to CNN story

9 Sep, 2021 00:21
CNN report on foiled Wagner group capture and Ukraine’s involvement. Reaction of Zelensky officials and media

Latest CNN report countering Zelensky earlier statements prompted a knee-jerk reaction of his aide Mykhailo Podolyak who blamed the leading US broadcaster of picking up Russian intelligence narratives.