Yuliya Kuzmenko

5 Jun, 2023 13:30
The case of the murder of journalist Sheremet will be re-launched

One of the suspects in the case of the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, doctor Yuliia Kuzmenko, said that the investigation will be launched from the very beginning in connecti ...

18 Aug, 2021 21:16
Sheremet’s case: Yulia Kusmenko declares being shadowed

Yulia Kuzmenko, a suspect in the case of journalist Pavel Sheremet murder, has stated that she is being followed. Earlier, on August 6, another suspect, Yana Duhar, made the same claim.

31 May, 2021 11:17
Antonenko-Riffmaster to Zelensky: ‘we have things to talk about’

One of the key suspects in Pavlo Sheremet murder says ‘he has ‘things to talk about’ with the Ukrainian president.