Роскошный бункер Europa One расположен на площади в 76 акров на территории коммуны Ротерштайн в Германии.

Как пишет Daily Mail, это самый стильный, изысканный и безопасный бункер в мире.

Его площадь – 230 квадратных метров, а стоит он 5 млн долл.

Secure: The survival bunker can apparently withstand a nuclear blast, chemical agents, earthquakes, tsunamis - and virtually any other disaster. Above, this photo shows a drive-thru blast-proof door at the complex, which will likely be available only to the super-rich

Opulent: This photos shows a bedroom in the Vivos Europa One shelter, which is being dubbed the world's 'ultimate doomsday escape'

Dining room: The underground bunker, in the German village of Rothenstein, was unveiled by Vivos founder , Robert Vicinio, on Friday

Создатели утверждают, что бункер защитит даже от ядерного взрыва, не говоря о вооруженных нападениях.

Space for relaxation: It portrays a planned survival complex that is comparable to a billionaire's mega-yacht or mansion - but much bigger, and with 'life-saving' capabilities. Above, a community swimming pool inside the complex, which is valued at an estimated $1.1million

Proud: Vicino (seen in the bunker) told Forbes: 'We are proud to bring this epic project forward in these increasingly dangerous times'

В помещении есть две независимые системы вентиляции, а также отдельное водоснабжение и своя электростанция.

Power: The luxury shelter was originally built by the Soviets in the Cold War as a fortress for military equipment. Above, its engine room

Также в бункере построен медицинский центр, часовня, бассейн и бар, а в отдельных апартаментах расположен кинотеатр, спортзал, кухня и шикарная ванная комната.

Billionaires' bunker: They can design and build their apartments to their own specifications.They may decide to add a theater (pictured)

Time to watch a movie: on the Other common area amenities will include roadways, a wine cellar and prayer rooms. Above, a theater

Modern furnishings: Families will pay a base amount, along with their share of the ongoing costs for managing and staffing the complex

An underground pint: The bunker in Rothenstein boasts 227,904 square feet of blast-proof living areas, including this planned pub