Накануне Рождества столица Великобритании стала местом проведения Merry Marathon – парада Санта-Клаусов, правда, не очень трезвых.

Каждый год в центре Лондона тысячи людей, переодетых в Санта-Клаусов и его помощников, собираются отпраздновать Рождество, которое приближается.

В день проведения рождественского марафона все участники мероприятия веселятся, как могут, пишет Daily Mail.

ЧИТАЙТЕ ТАКЖЕ: В Нью-Йорке состоялся парад Санта-Клаусов-хулиганов

Many were left slumped against railings outside pubs and clubs as the night ended, while others were spotted rolling around in the road after too much booze

Five Santas attempted to have a little dance as they swigged from bottles of Prosecco and a can of Strongbow while partying on a London pavement

An over-zealous reveller appeared to be trying to swear - although he got the wrong finger - during the part-parade, part-pub crawl on Saturday night

Hundreds of Santas posed and partied on the steps of Trafalgar Square after hours of drinking at the annual festive event on Saturday

One woman - dressed in tight, lace-up stiletto boots and a toy soldier outfit, which featured black lace sleeves - straddled a lamppost during the event 

Some of the festive drinkers added tinsel to their outfits and one person even wore a reindeer onesie to the drinking event

Spirits were high during the festivities, with one group of friends pictured laughing hysterically as they sat on the steps at Trafalgar Square

Three girls who were dressed as Santa climbed onto one of the lion statues at the bottom of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

One Santa - perhaps determined to prove he hadn't been naughty - chatted to five police officers who were there to keep an eye on Saturday's event

Beer was sprayed in the air by a couple of over-zealous Santas during the Christmas event as others frowned at the foamy shower

At the end of the night, some of the 1,000-strong group attempted to ride Boris bikes home in a bid to miss the crowds on the tubes

The event has become so large that participants now start at three different locations in the city, only finding out a week before where they are going. Above, a group of festive revellers pose as they sit on the tube 

A group of Santas attended the SantaCon London event at Trafalgar square to raise money for charity and looked in good spirits

One of the Santas went all out with her outfit, choosing sunglasses and a necklace of baubles to complete her festive look 

It appeared that not everyone got the dressing up memo, as one girl stepped out wearing just a black coat and blue scarf

One drink wasn't enough for this girl - who added a shiny red hat to her red and white Mrs Santa outfit - as she clutched a bottle of wine and a can of beer  during the event

A group of friends all wearing Christmas outfits posed for a selfie as they got into the festive spirit at Saturday night's event

Mince pies were left at home as a sea of bright red suits were seen blitzing around the streets of the city during the 5km and 1km routes