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Фотографировала звезду нью-йоркский фотограф Ариэль Бобб-Уиллис.

Айлиш стала одной из героинь ежегодного музыкального спецвыпуска, который включил в себя 25 песен, которые определяют музыку в наши дни.

“Я люблю издеваться над людьми, бесить людей. Мне нравится, когда на меня смотрят. Мне нравится быть в головах людей”, – сказала Билли Айлиш.


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‘‘I love bugging people out, freaking people out. I like being looked at. I like being in people’s heads. I feed off it.’’ @billieeilish’s songs have earned more than 15 billion combined streams worldwide, according to Spotify, and her five most-watched videos on YouTube have some 2.5 billion views in all — not bad for an 18 year old. Eilish is remarkable for her abiding interest in the grim and the upsetting. She has resuscitated an aesthetic of macabre transgression that has been almost entirely absent from the musical mainstream since the ’90s heyday of rock acts like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. In her videos, which she helps to devise and occasionally directs herself, she has cried black tears and released a large spider from her mouth. Sick. Photographed by @ariellebobbwillis, read more from @nytmag’s #music issue online now at the link in our bio.

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