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Холзи подчеркнула, что она “в восторге от медицинских работников, которые находятся на передовой”. Сертифицированные FDA трехслойные маски певица получила с завода в Гуанчжоу (Китай).

Они будут переданы в медицинские центры Cedars-Sinai, Providence Saint Joseph, LAC + USC и общественную больницу имени Мартина Лютера Кинга-младшего.

“Пожалуйста, продолжайте оставаться дома, если можете. А если вы находитесь на передовой, то мое сердце с вами”, – добавила она.


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Every single day I am in awe of the medical workers on the frontlines. Their determination, selflessness and empathy is the single greatest example of our capacity to love and survive as humans. I am beyond privileged to be self isolating in my home, without the fear and obligation of essential work employment. Without a sick family member to care for. A child to feed. A financial crisis to navigate. So I tried to find a real way to make a difference. I have acquired and purchased 100,000 FDA certified 3 ply masks (with the help of Orange International Inc who sourced the masks for me from a factory in Guangzhou, China) These masks will be distributed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Providence Saint Joseph, LAC+USC Medical Center, and Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital; for the medical professionals and non medical hospital staff who are working to put a stop to this pandemic and help millions of strangers they will never meet. Please continue to stay home, if you can. If you are on the frontlines, my heart is with you. And I will be continuing the fight to help you get the support and resources you need. 🤍🤍🤍 I am eager to redirect you to @givedirectly – A non-profit that allows you a way to give direct cash payments to vulnerable households in at risk communities, most of whom are single mothers. I will be making a sizeable donation, and encourage you to help in any way that you can. Special thanks to @anthonytomasli and the Li family, @jasonaron, PS Business Management, @fedex, and all the contacts at the hospitals who made this possible.

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