In a push to halt Nord Stream 2 project, the Ukrainian PM Denys Shmygal asked the US administration to make sanctions against the controversial pipeline part of NDAA, the US defense policy bill for 2022.

Denys Shmygal took to Twitter Thursday to urge the US senators  for making it happen.

Kyiv  has been a staunch critic of the ‘geopolitical poject’ that, according to the PM,  would make Ukraine ‘more vulnerable to Russian aggression’.

The defense spending plan is currently on the move in the US Senate and it is a long shot so far if the appeal of Ukrainian goverment will  make on the list of amendments  to the  legislation.

What’s at stake for Ukraine

Kyiv is opposed to the new Russian pipeline citing energy security concerned. Nord Stream can also put a serious strain on Ukrainian economy with Russian gas pipelines being re-routed.

In 2017, Mari Yovanovich, then US ambassador to Ukraine, argued Nord Stream 2 would cause collapse of Ukraine’s economy with about 3% wiped off the country’s GDP due to lost transit gas revenues.

Back then, Arseniy Yatsenuk, then Ukrainian prime-minister, claimed the country was set to lose about $2 billion yearly.

In October, Ukrainian energy operator Naftogaz applied for involvment the German regulator seeking involvement with Nord Stream 2 certification procedure.